Hua Yue Nong Whitening Cream - 25g

Hua Yue Nong Whitening Cream - 25g

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Product Description

Product details of Hua Yue Nong Whitening Cream - 25g

  • Product Type: Whitening Cream
  • Capacity: 25g
  • Extraction eggs and cherry essence
  • Reduce the wrinkle
  • Gender: Women
This product extraction eggs and cherry essence, match with dozens of natural herbal medicine developed by, can accelerate the metabolism of skin. reduce the wrinkle, make the skin keep burnish, plump, delay senescence, and to facial freckles, spot of the liver has good curative effect. use every day that was obviously after the skin smooth. be full of flexibility. As loong as we persist in use, can make the skin delicate, rubby , and freckles, shading have apparent.

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