jam turmeric gluta collagen soap

jam turmeric gluta collagen soap

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  • JAM THAI Turmeric Turmeric Soap1.Kunyit can strip away the dirt. 
  • 2.Mencerah and smooth the skin. 
  • 3.Bunga marigold seeks to enlighten the armpits and body. 
  • 4.Berkesan also to mengecutkan acne.
  • 5.Kandungan jojoba oil may be used to wash the face of the impression solekan. 
  • 6.Melembap, refresh and brighten skin. 
  • 7.Vitamin B prevents pigmentation as well as slow down the aging process of the skin. Turmeric  Cream typical formulated to eliminate jeragat and acne scars with a memorable, done rather than natural sources .. 1.Mengecutkan semulajadi for acne , 2.Menghilangkan acne scars. 3.Menghilangkan jeragat. 4.Menghilangkan tompok-tompok and black spots. 5.Melincinkan skin. 6.Mengecutkan acne. 7.Mengurangkan pigmentation / jeragat with memorable. 
  • 8.Membersihkan facial skin. 
  • 9.Awet young. 
  • 10.Melincinkan facial skin. 
  • 11.Mencerahkan facial skin. 
  • 12.Boleh mengecutkan acne pimples disappear once the new growth. 
  • 13.Menghilangkan tompok-tompok / black spots. HOW mnggunakan: Wash your face beforehand using turmeric soap, then brush clean after saffron cream in lemon throughout advance , Use the cream at night time. The impression will appear in the entire period of 1 week.

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