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Organic Dryfish Shop | Organic and 100% Pure with Vacuum pack

  • Organically produced, Chemical and DDT free. Delivery from Cox’s Bazar. You can enjoy fresh dried Fish with the highest purity and supreme taste of the original dry fish from CoxsbazarShop.
  • Organic Dry Fish is actually the fish which is very pure and safe to consume and is free from chemicals, insecticides, or any other harmful elements.
  • Why is the Organic Dry Fish best for you?

    # Organic Dry Fishes are fresh and healthy
    # Fishes are properly cleaned before drying
    # Highly enriched with protein (60% -65%)
    # Low fat – great for health (5% to 8%)
    # High quantity of healthy minerals
    # No acidity after consumption, safe for all
    # Free from preservatives and insecticides
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